Hole & Crack Repair

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Hole & Crack Repair Services

You may find that over time some stones, particularly travertine, limestone and marble may crack or holes can appear.

There could be many reasons for holes and cracks appearing in your stone tiles.

Below are some possible reasons for this:

General Wear & Tear
Over time heavy foot traffic or regular furniture movement or other physical forms of stress will gradually wear down your surfaces leading to holes or cracks.

Chemical Damage
Using incorrect acidic cleaners can lead to weakening the structure of the stone causing deterioration over time.

Substrate Issues
Underlying structural issues such as settling, shifting or insufficient support.

Poor Installation
Poor installation techniques or using inappropriate materials can lead to loose tiles or movement weakening tiles over time.

Superior Stone will assess your flooring to decide the best course of action depending on your individual situation. In most cases we will use two part epoxy resin fillers, however in some instances we may use grout or a compound designed for your particular stone type.

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